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Room rates from 14h of the previous day to 12pm of the next day are as follows:
+ Room price 1 bed 1m6 / 2 people: 500,000-VND / day park view
+ Room price 1 bed 1m6 / 2 people: 550,000-VND / day sea view
+ Room price 2 beds 1m6 - 1m4 / 4 people: 650,000 VND / (Park VIEW)
+ Room price 2 beds 1m6 - 1m4 / 4 people: 600,000 VND / (VIEW Sea)
Early check-in before 14h or late check-out after 12:00: additional surcharge of VND 50,000 / hour
Late check-out after 9pm: Extra charge of room charge for half day / room
+ Mineral water in the room
+ Children under 6 years old without surcharges (including weekends), except for public holidays and Tet in the year
+ Free at the hotel
Note: In case the hotel has room availability, the hotel will assist you to check in earlier than 14h0
For booking, please contact SDT: 02523.87.89.89 DD: 0965 979 479
Address: d4-84-85 dawn beach neighborhood, Phan Thiet city - Binh Thuan
Huy Dat Hotel is very pleased to welcome you!