Phan Thiet delicacy is famous for tourists from near and far!

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Phan Thiet is located on a strip of land in the South Central Coast. The city is famous for its beautiful white sands or clear blue ocean waters. The cuisine here is not inferior. Phan Thiet delicacies are countless, even if you run out of your pocket, you will not necessarily enjoy them all. Here, Halo would like to send you Phan Thiet delicacies that are known to please tourists from near and far! What would you like to eat, let's explore.
1. Grilled Squid Teeth
Grilled Squid Teeth is a delicious dish Phan Thiet must try when arriving in the coastal city. This dish is usually selected from the Phan Thiet squid. So when you eat it, you will find it crunchy and not too chewy like other places.

There are many different ways of processing squid teeth in Phan Thiet. The most delicious is the seasoning, grilled over charcoal. In addition, squid teeth can also be processed with different wings such as steamed with ginger and lemongrass or stir-fried. In particular, the deep fried squid tooth dish served with pickles or laksa leaves is also called by many people. But the most popular and popular among many people is still Phan Thiet grilled squid teeth.
Suggestions for delicious restaurant: Teeth Ink Loan
Address: 202 Vo Thi Sau, Hung Long, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan
2. Baking rice paper
One more suggestion of Phan Thiet's delicacies for the soul of eating. That is the specialty of Phan Thiet baked rice paper. The taste of Phan Thiet baked rice paper is loved by many people. Although there are many places that have variations on this specialty. But in Phan Thiet, the way of processing baked rice paper has something completely different.

Phan Thiet baked rice paper is usually chosen from the kind that avoids coated with black sesame. When baked, decide to add a little fish sauce to the famous sea. Finally, add other toppings such as onions, sausage, spring rolls, cheese on top and bake with fragrant charcoal.
Suggestions for delicious restaurant: Cake Trang Co Lien
Address: Nguyen Sac Kim, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
3. Cake Question
The cake asked the pig's heart can be used for all day. Especially suitable for breakfast as it is both energetic and scenic. In order to have a satisfactory batch of cakes, you must choose the right kind of rice. The baker asked if he would soak overnight, rinse and rinse thoroughly. Then there are many other meticulous steps before the birth of pure white cake, smooth but smooth, melt in the mouth.

With the pig's heart, the shop owner often comes to the slaughterhouse from apricot, selects the best batches of young baby. The heart is then carefully prepared, steamed in a pot with ginger and galangal until it is just cooked, crunchy, sweet and served hot for each customer. A full heart plate, whether large or small, has: heart, liver, kidney, young pork belly, bacon and grilled sausage. But, depending on your preferences, you can order your own pork-hearted cakes.
Suggestions for a delicious restaurant: Banh Ask a Pig
Address: 92 Vo Thi Sau, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
4. Wet Cake
Just like wet baking ingredients in other regions. The main ingredient of Phan Thiet wet cake to make pork wet cake is rice. Rice after being washed clean, soaked in water for one night. The next morning people will grind the rice into powdered water.

To make this Phan Thiet delicacy, people use a cloth of moderate thickness to put on a boiling boiler. Then, scoop each spoonful of ground rice flour to coat a layer of water powder on the cloth, cover with a lid. After a while, we got the cake out. Because the wet cakes, when taken out, are still hot, and easily tear. The baker must be very skillful to be able to stack them on top of each other. The cake plate has to be thin enough to taste it.
Suggestions for delicious restaurants: Near Phan Thiet market
Address: 115 Ly Thuong Kiet, Duc Nghia, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
5. Phan Thiet Beef Noodles
Phan Thiet city has always conquered the taste of customers from four directions with its daily delicacies. And Phan Thiet beef vermicelli is one of many favorite dishes. With the familiar ingredients through the processing hands of Phan Thiet people, a beef noodle dish with its own flavor is created. The taste of Phan Thiet beef vermicelli is both familiar and strange, and something very unique. Phan Thiet beef noodle soup is special in that the fiber is small, not as big as Hue beef noodle soup. In addition, the accompanying ingredients are also very simple, have been refined.

Different from traditional Hue beef vermicelli, the soup broth of Phan Thiet beef vermicelli does not have sauce or any kind of cha. But people instead spice beef curry. Perhaps that is the reason why Phan Thiet beef noodle soup has a very different taste. In addition, Phan Thiet beef vermicelli is not as spicy as Hue beef vermicelli but is a little sweeter. Because Phan Thiet people are usually very sweet. It is also a very unique feature of this coastal city.
Suggestions for good restaurants: Bun Bo Hue - Pho 77
Address: 247 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Thuy, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
What is delicious - nutritious - cheap food in Phan Thiet?
6. Phan Thiet Seafood
Phan Thiet is a coastal city. Therefore, Phan Thiet seafood is extremely diverse and abundant. In particular, the quality is always fresh and loved by many people. The reason seafood is as good quality as it is because it can be caught during the day.
Therefore, when you enjoy Phan Thiet seafood, you will clearly see the fresh and delicious taste. Especially the rich sweetness that is not available anywhere. More importantly, Phan Thiet seafood is extremely cheap! You can choose and enjoy.
Recommended delicious restaurant: Cay Me Seafood
Address: 104/12 Nguyen Thong, Quarter 1, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
7. Biscuits Handwheel

Crispy cauldron specialty is a familiar Phan Thiet Mui Ne dish. This is a popular cake but has a strong flavor. The cake is sold by street vendors, in Doi Duong beach or in food stalls at Phan Thiet market.
Suggestions for delicious restaurants: Banh Vac Vo Thi Sau
Address: 166 Vo Thi Sau, Hung Long, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
8. Grilled Nem
Nha Trang grilled spring rolls, Da Lat grilled spring rolls are extremely popular. But few people know that, in Phan Thiet city, there is also a famous grilled spring rolls. It is unknown where and when this dish appeared, but now it has become a dish loved by both locals and tourists.

Phan Thiet grilled spring rolls are made from freshly sliced ​​pork, finely ground and then marinated with spices. They are skewered into sticks and then baked on a charcoal stove. Wait until the grilled skewers are golden brown and ready to eat. The attractive aroma of grilled meat spreads throughout the space, making it difficult for everyone to hold back before this dish.
Suggestions for a delicious restaurant: MOM'S BUTTERFLY
Address: 10 Dang Thai Mai, Phu Thuy, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
9. Quang Noodles
Being in the list of delicious dishes, Phan Thiet must definitely enjoy, it will definitely be impossible not to mention the delicious Quang Nam noodle dish in Quang Nam! Especially, if in other places, they often process Quang noodle with pork, Quang Phan Thiet noodle is processed with duck. Therefore, the taste of Quang noodle here is also a little different.

Duck meat is usually cleaned so you won't notice a bad smell when you eat it. Instead, it has a delicious, greasy taste with a little herbs, and peanuts are wonderful. There are quite a few eateries that serve this dish for you to choose from!
Suggestions for delicious restaurants: Noodles
Address: Alley 92, Thu Khoa Huan, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
10. Banh Can

Phan Thiet bakeries have sprung up everywhere, especially in Saigon. But in order to enjoy the best taste, you must visit Phan Thiet to taste the standard taste of banh can. Different from other places, Phan Thiet's specialties are cooked according to traditional flavors. Currently there are other variations that help diners have more choices.

  • This delicious Phan Thiet dish is usually served with a bowl of soup. Ingredients include boiled eggs, pork skin, minced meat, minced mango with sweet and sour sauce. When eating, you bring the whole pair of bread can dip into the bowl of soup blend with the sour taste of the mango. Or the greasy taste of chicken eggs. All blends will ensure you have an unforgettable taste!
    Suggestions for delicious restaurants: Banh Can
    Address: 4b Le Thi Hong Gam, Phu Trinh, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan
    Each Phan Thiet delicacy has its own characteristics. They all have in common that is the warm affection of the people here. Each dish also has its own story. Halo hopes these information will help your upcoming trip to Phan Thiet more fully!