What's so attractive about Doi Duong beach?

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Phan Thiet tourism has immense long beaches, cool blue water. People talk a lot about Doi Duong. So, what is attractive about Doi Duong beach?
1. Where is Doi Duong beach?
Doi Duong is a beach located in the heart of Phan Thiet city. Doi Duong beach with white sand mixed with earthy hills gradually spread out to the sea. The coast is shallow, the sand is gentle, the sea is calm, the water is clear, the natural environment is very clean.

Doi Duong beach is beautiful in blue
From the center of Phan Thiet city in the direction of Nguyen Tat Thanh boulevard, visitors go straight about 1km to go to Doi Duong - Thuong Chanh beach. As a beach whose name has been associated with the history of construction and development of this coastal city.
The reason for the name "Doi Duong" is because in the past, this place was a large area planted with casuarina trees (poplar) to block the wind. However, the poplar growing area has been greatly narrowed down by construction works (hotels, restaurants, cafes ...).
Address: Le Loi, Hung Long, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan.
2. When should we go to Doi Duong - Phan Thiet?
Because Phan Thiet is located in the main tropical climate, this place usually has two main seasons: dry season and rainy season. However, even in the rainy season, the rain here usually does not last for many days but sometimes just sudden rains, so you can visit at any time of the year. .
However, if you are a fan of tranquility, it is best to go to the beach on normal days, not on holidays. Because of the ceremony, the tourist spots are very crowded.
3. What's so attractive about Doi Duong beach?
3.1 This is a public beach and you can enjoy swimming

Unlike the Ham Tien - Mui Ne area, Doi Duong beach is a public beach. This place is not under the management of any resort or resort. Doi Duong is a beautiful beach and has become a famous tourist destination of Phan Thiet city.

Doi Duong beach is very suitable for swimming
Swimming in a hot day is too amusing.
3.2 Doi Duong beach is extremely beautiful

Stretching for nearly 3km, the beach is not wide but quite long. With the measure of beach morphology gradually sloping into the sea, clear blue water, fine white sand. Located in the city center, it is very convenient for tourists and people to swim, entertain every day.

Beautiful landscape at the beach
Every morning in the gentle weather, the sea scene is also very charming. Visitors have the opportunity to take a walk along Doi Duong beach park and look towards the beach to feel very relaxed. Purifying soul and feeling peaceful life. The sea will be calm and calm, without any waves. A bit of golden sunshine is pressed through the beautiful blue poplar forest. And then Doi Duong beach is always beautiful in the hearts of tourists.
3.3 The cafes and colonial cuisine around the sea
Here, along the coast are a series of cafes under the casuarina trees. Rarely is a cafe located next to poplar forests in such a coastal province. Sipping coffee here in the afternoon, people feel comfortable with the sea breeze and sea air.

Very attractive sea view coffee
At night, Doi Duong beach becomes more peaceful but still very bustling. When the sun gradually shaded, it was also the time for restaurants selling snacks and coastal seafood to open for sale. Here you will enjoy famous delicacies such as grilled squid teeth, crotch cake, grilled shrimp, ... and many other seafood dishes.

Attractive grilled squid teeth
3.4 Be comfortable with sand games
Since this is a public beach, it is very suitable for playing group games such as tug of war, beach volleyball, sand boating, .... Especially, if you want a campfire at night, you will be spoiled for romance.

Play volleyball by the beach
With the above interesting features, do not worry about Doi Duong beach with nothing to experience.