Binh Thuan tourism solved difficulties with the day's package

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(TBTCO) - When the COVID-19 epidemic broke out again in the community, Binh Thuan tourism once again faced difficulties after a short re-start.

Mui Ne Beach always attracts many tourists to relax and play sea sports.
In order to "remove difficulties", many tourism units in Binh Thuan have flexibly built new tourism product packages to attract Binh Thuan people to travel in their locality.
Previously, most of the resorts in Ham Tien, Mui Ne, Tien Thanh (Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province) ... mainly served tourists to stay and relax, now many units build set up promotions with fun packages, go back to the resort for the local people and some surrounding areas. These "Day use package" packages include services such as swimming pool, swimming pool, sightseeing taking pictures, lunch ...
"Binh Thuan people check in at Binh Thuan resort" is the name of the promotion package used in the day of Sonata resort in Tien Thanh commune, Phan Thiet city. With ticket prices from 220,000 to 250,000 VND / person, applied from 8 to 18 hours, at this stimulus package, visitors will enjoy a lunch, swimming pool, recreational fishing ...
Representatives of Sonata resort said that, in order for a summer not to pass wasted because of the impact of COVID-19 epidemic as well as helping people relieve stress after busy days while ensuring safety from the epidemic, the resort built This program is built so that local tourists can experience a vacation with their family or relatives. On average, each day, the resort welcomes about 40-50 customers using this promotional package, focusing on weekends.
Not only Sonata resort but also other units such as Malibu Resort Mui Ne, Victoria Phan Thiet Beach resort & spa, Rock Water Bay… also built programs to serve guests going back in the day. These programs not only help businesses solve difficulties and ensure income for employees, but also are opportunities for local people to experience and visit high-end resorts, where reviews are often received. high from domestic and international visitors.
Translation COVID-19 has been changing the travel trend of many domestic and international consumers. The form of staycation with sightseeing trips at home or near where you live is popular with many young people. In the context of the current complicated developments of COVID-19, staycation can be considered a safe and economical option for travel enthusiasts.
As of August 25, Binh Thuan province has continuously recorded 165 days without additional cases of COVID-19. The province has about 2,280 tourists, including about 1,630 domestic tourists. Although the disease is controlled locally, in order to ensure more safety for tourists and staff, the tourism service business units in the area are implementing measures to prevent and control COVID- 19 such as: disinfecting with Cloramin B 1-2 times / day; measure your temperature right after picking up guests at the front desk; health declaration; equipping and arranging quick disinfection water in public places; Remind visitors to regularly wash their hands ...
The epidemic has had a great impact on Vietnam's tourism industry. Binh Thuan tourism is also significantly affected when the number of tourists plummets. According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in July 2020, Binh Thuan welcomed about 116,000 visitors, down nearly 78% over the same period last year. Accumulatively, in the first 7 months of 2020, the whole province welcomes nearly 1.6 million visitors (down about 52%); in which, international tourists about 158,600 arrivals, down more than 63%. Revenue from tourism is about 5,127 billion Dong, down 41%.
According to VNA