Explore Sand Dunes - An Interesting Experience When Traveling Phan Thiet

10/03/2021 2501 view
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Flying sand dunes, also known as Red Sand Dunes, are one of the giant sandy beaches located in the city center. Phan Thiet is about 20 km, in the northeast direction and has an area of about 50 hectares. Especially, under the influence of wind, it has created a constant change in color and shape of the sand hill, bringing very interesting images, deeply impressing visitors.

Sand dunes include stretches of sand with many different heights, from gentle to ascending. The sand dunes are not only yellow, red and yellow, but also adorned with other colors such as white, gray, pink, black red, white ... like waves crashing.

The shape of the sand hill changes continuously due to the impact of the wind, just after a strong wind, the sand hill will wear a new coat. Sometimes it is a "valley" of sand or "mountain peaks", sand suddenly appears and then melts along the "streams" of sand drifting towards the foothills.

In the opinion of many tourists, the best time to watch the sand dunes is when the sun slowly rises from afar and when sunset is about to fall. So, do not forget to save the beautiful pictures here when traveling to Phan Thiet Tet!

One of the interesting things about exploring sand dunes is the sand slide game. Those who love thrills and adventure cannot ignore the game of conquering sand dunes by off-road vehicles. These experiences will be an unforgettable memory in my Phan Thiet Tet trip.

The best moment is when dawn is coming, we will be able to see the sunrise on the fine sand dunes with no footprints. Enjoy a fresh and peaceful feeling to welcome the new day. Or be immersed in the sunset picture of the sunset and the orange-brown color of the sand hill - a natural spectacle that is so poetic. Surely, visitors will be ecstatic about the scenery here and will not want to go back.

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