Discover a new pristine tourist destination in Binh Thuan

10/03/2021 1366 view
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Besides the famous tourist destinations of Binh Thuan province such as Mui Ne, Hon Rom, Bau Trang ... Recently, many new and unique tourist attractions have just been discovered in Bac Binh district. These new tourism products promise to become an impressive destination for tourists who are passionate about the wildness and novelty. Binh Thuan Tourism Promotion Center is currently building tours for tourists to these tourist destinations.

Mui Yen (in Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district) is a new destination explored by locals and tourists in recent years, so it is still quite wild. Because it is still deserted, to get to Mui Yen, visitors have to conquer a rather difficult journey, due to the continuous up and down slope, plus sand and stone. 2 sides of the road are wild bushes and immense sand dunes stretching endlessly, you will think you are lost in the wilderness in the far west. This is a pristine headland, jutting out into the sea and at an altitude of about 30 meters above sea level. Standing on Mui Yen, visitors can panoramic view of a vast, immense, mellow and green sea.

Mui Yen has about 3-4 rocky outcrops and rocks protruding from the sea, creating a very beautiful scene. Standing at the foot of Mui Yen, visitors can admire and take pictures with the rocky outcrops welcoming each wave of strong, white waves; majestic steep cliffs, crimson. For those who like to mingle with nature, love open space and fresh air, Mui Yen is the ideal place.
Besides Mui Yen, another tourist destination in Bac Binh district has just been known to tourists as "Suoi Dua" (unnamed, according to the local call), this is a wild and unique stream. Currently nestled in the dry land, the two sides of the stream are mostly sandy desert. Visitors can witness the wonderful scenery while wading under the cool stream bed and the giant sandy deserts on both sides.
Many new tourist destinations in Binh Thuan have initially attracted tourists, these new tourism products promise to become an impressive destination for tourists who are passionate about the wild and novel features. With the potential being gradually awakened, Bac Binh is trying to make tourism a key economic sector of the district after 2025.
According to DINH HOA - BTO